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Apes, Gender, Class, and Race

Wulf D. Hund, Charles W. Mills et Silvia Sebastiani (eds.)
Berlin, Lit Verlag, 2016,  248 p.
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The essays in this volume of the Racism Analysis Yearbooks address a key topic of racist discrimi­nation - dehumanization - and discuss its reach and modes of operation in view of one of its com­mon manifestations: simianization. The racist slur of comparing humans with apes and monkeys is part of everyday racism until today and affronts athletes as well as politicians, like the President of the United States or the Ministers for Integration in Italy and of Justice in France. In the present pa­pers, simianization is examined concerning its epistemological and psychological background and in­vestigated with regard to its historical and intersectional dimensions. Charles W. Mills (Northwestern University) determines the place of simianization within racism. Wulf D. Hund (Universität Ham­burg) traces the conjunctions of sexist, racist and classist discriminations in the history of simianiza­tion. David Livingstone Smith and Ioana Panaitiu (University of New England) consider the foundation of dehumanization. Silvia Sebastiani (Centre de recherches historiques - EHESS) explores the draw­ing of boundaries between apes and men during the Enlightenment. Stefanie Affeldt (Leuphana Uni­versität Lüneburg) looks at King Kong as an aggressive story of sexist and racist counter-emancipa­tion. Susan C. Townsend (University of Nottingham) investigates the simianization of the Japanese and Steve Garner (Open University) examines the simianization of the Irish. Kimberly Barsamian Kahn (Port­land State University), Phillip Atiba Goff (University of California) and Jean M. McMahon (Portland State University) discuss the persisting intersections of prejudice and dehumanization.

ISBN : 978-3643907165
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